We've made a whistle-stop tour of the frantic world of new launches and it's certainly been an education. Thinking of a new, snappy name was tough and there's much to consider about packaging design if you want to keep costs down but achieve shelf standout. And while you want to target as many consumers as you can, it's hard to come up with advertising that talks to everyone; consumers are a fickle and cynical bunch who like humour and clever slogans, but don't want to be patronised. Getting the hard-nosed journalist interested in your PR campaign is another hurdle and there can be a fine line between wacky and weird ­ turn on and turn off. Discussion groups also have an annoying habit of picking fault with your fool-proof concept and putting months of work in jeopardy, even affecting your launch date. These are all problems faced by big manufacturers and small ones face them too, but without the advantage of clout and cash. Obtaining financial backing is only the first step towards launch ­ having a well known name opens doors and it would probably be easier to get chains to buy into a new idea if you were just after a brand extension. So despite the hurdles, Caffeine Hitz has done pretty well and we're still positive about its potential. So, who wants to take it into production? {{FEATURES }}