The Association of Convenience Stores is launching a focus group to explore the impact of the national minimum wage on convenience retailers.

The independently chaired focus group will bring together retailers from independent stores with symbol groups and representatives from the multiples. Its first meeting will be held on 23 September at the headquarters of the Low Pay Commission.

Chaired by consultant Mark Childs, a former vice president for reward at the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development and a former chair of the CBI’s national minimum wage committee, it will aim to thrash out the challenges retailers face when dealing with changes to the pay floor.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to ensure the Low Pay Commission fully understands the business impact of its recommendations,” said ACS chief executive James Lowman (pictured).

“Through this focus group we will be able to capture information and experiences from a wide range of retailers whose voices might otherwise go unheard… and discover the full extent of the impact of minimum wage changes on both large and small convenience store businesses.” 

The findings from the focus group will be published in a report to the Low Pay Commission, supported by face-to-face representations from the ACS.

Retailers wishing to take part should contact Ed Woodall on 01252 533014 or

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