A mobile app that could revolutionise the way supermarkets run promotions is being rolled out by US retailer ShopandSave following successful trials.

Scan it! knows which aisle shoppers are in, what they have in their trolley, individual preferences and what they usually buy. It then sends shoppers real-time bespoke discounts.

That means a shopper who has put a bottle of gin in the trolley could instantly receive a discount on tonic. Or a customer in the dairy aisle could receive a promo on Cheddar - and the app would even know if they preferred mild, medium or mature. 

Developed by Modiv, the app was trialled in three ShopandSave stores in June. Last week it was introduced into 16 further stores and over 10% of the 400-store estate will support the app by the end of 2011. “We are excited by the positive feedback so far,” said a spokeswoman.

The app is used by the shopper to scan items as they shop, and keeps a running total on price. 

But Modiv believes shoppers prefer its intelligent pro-active promotions to generic coupons or random bogofs.

“The offers make sense to them and are viewed as valuable, not intrusive,” said a spokesman. “We believe promotions are about to go through a massive change as shoppers begin to demand offers filtered based on their needs, preferences and behaviours.

“Retailers and brands that recognise this will reap the greatest rewards in shopper loyalty and share.”