Brewers need to re-evaluate their approach to the market if they are to make the most of its potential, according to Interbrew chief executive Stewart Gilliland. He warned the industry that it needs to tackle pricing issues and the image of the products if it is to maintain growth. "There is a lot of work to do in the industry in terms of creating a more positive image for beer among consumers," he said. "You can't replace all beer volume with wines and premium packaged spirits. Females are drinking more, males are drinking less, but beer is not capturing this opportunity." Gilliland was outlining plans for the newly integrated Interbrew UK business which now includes the Tennent's and Bass brands and the former Bass Brewers' businesses in Scotland and Ireland. "We will be developing a specific agenda for each of our customers. We are setting out our stall and showing the trade which of our brands can be developed, and putting significant investment behind them to achieve that. It is important we concentrate on delivering value. There is far too much focus on price." {{DRINKS }}