In the week Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a rare pronouncement on food, calling for unanimity on front-of-pack signpost labelling, rival camps in the debate announced they were to launch new campaigns to raise awareness of their systems.

The industry is currently split over whether traffic lights or GDAs are the best form of signpost labelling.

In a keynote speech on Monday, the PM said: "Parents tell me of their frustrations with the different food labelling. We are reviewing the multiple labelling systems in use and I want to see consensus on a single labelling system, easily understood by consumers, which will deliver real improvements in the health of the country." He didn't state which labelling system he preferred.

On Monday, the FSA launches new TV adverts as well as a poster campaign on buses to raise awareness of its recommended traffic light-based system.

Meanwhile, a new campaign for GDAs will feature in articles in the national press and women's magazines over a four month period as part of a drive to increase consumers' understanding of the system.

Brown also unveiled plans to tackle food adverts online and on mobiles.