Dorset Cereals' range has had a packaging revamp to help them stand out - and up - on shelf.
Rolling out now, the matt-tone boxes replace the range's clear plastic bag packs, which kept falling over and made the products difficult to see on shelf, according to the company. The new design also features leaf-shaped peepholes so that shoppers can view the contents.
The existing five recipes have been reformulated with extra fruit, nuts and seeds, to create less dust in the packs, while a Berries & Cherries variant has joined the line-up.
It combines raisins, sultanas and cereals with raspberries, blackcurrants, cherries, cranberries and blueberries. Peter Farquhar, MD, said the new packs contained more cereal and were easier to store, open and reclose.
"Feedback about the recipes has always been positive," he added. "But customers reported that they often couldn't find the cereals in shops because the packs were always falling over on the shelves and, once they got home, they had to decant the cereals into new containers.
"These packs not only look great, but are also much more user-friendly."