New targets being set by the Food Standards Agency on the levels of salt in food are achievable, retailers and food manufacturers have said.
The FSA’s consultation, released this week, sets out voluntary targets for 15 food categories including ham, cheese and butter, in order to meet the government’s commitment to reduce the UK’s average salt intake to 6g a day by 2010.
Kraft Foods said that the targets were “entirely achievable”, while Unilever and Tesco both said that they were supportive of them.
However, the targets were released amid confusion that they had been revised because retailers and food manufacturers would not be able to meet original targets set by the FSA in 2003.
The FSA denied the claims. Gill Fine, director of consumer choice and dietary health, said: “There has been no u-turn. In 2003 we developed a salt model to demonstrate the types of reductions that would be required in different foods to reach the 6g a day target.
“Since then we have had constructive talks with different sectors of the industry as to what levels of salt are technically feasible.”