Mentholated sweet brand Tunes is aiming to overhaul its image and reposition it as more than just a cough sweet by launching a strawberry variant and by targeting the clubbing scene. The youth targeting includes a £1m sponsorship campaign on dance music radio station Kiss 100 which will focus on the build up to the Ibiza clubbing season. A new show, Saturday Night Tunes, will air from March 25 and a series of on and off-air Ibiza related promotions will run until the end of the year. A Change Your Tune' new club night at the Camden Palace launches at the end of May and the tour will extend to Ibiza in the summer. Sampling will take place in clubs around the country, backed by a £1.5m spend on a new Change Your Tune' campaign which goes on TV later this month. Strawberry is the second non medicated variant in the Tunes range, following Tropical launched last year. {{P&P }}