Plant breeder Elsoms Seeds, has introduced a new variety of broccoli called Belstar. The new type has a domed head so it dries quickly after rain, thus reducing spear rot. The crop also produces 400-500g heads ­ the most favoured by supermarkets. Elsoms crop manager John Constable also has high hopes for a summer cauliflower called Somerset. Somerset matures two to three days' earlier and provides an excellent face pack. Elsoms has also developed a faster growing cabbage, aptly called Surprise, which only takes 67 days from transplanting before harvesting. Constable believes the variety could offer new possibilities in changing seasonal patterns. Elsoms has also extended its range of carrots with three new hybrids called Nigel, Nepal and Bristol which can be sown under polythene and grown through the main crop period. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}