The number of double runs for daily newspapers has fallen over the past three months, with the July 2001 total being the lowest since monitoring began, according to the Association of Newspaper & Magazine Wholesalers. The association says a total of 2,740 vans were re-run for daily papers last month, compared with 4,594 in June and 7,006 for May. In a year-on-year comparison, the number of re-runs was down by 8,000. When the association started monitoring figures in September 1999, the number of re-runs for daily papers was 15,093. In July 2001, the Financial Times was the newspaper with the fewest number of re-runs ­ just three. In the Sunday market the number of double runs has also dropped month on month ­ from 1,221 in June to 892 in July. Year on year the figure is down by over 1,000. No vans needed to be run for the Independent {{CTN }}