Wal-Mart: EDLP central to tactics anywhere in the world' A robust defence of EDLP was mounted by Wal-Mart Europe's cfo Tony DeNunzio. He said: "This is at the heart of Wal-Mart's global strategy and we think, as in the Martini ads, it works anytime, anyplace, anywhere ­ even China." In the UK, Asda was now 10% cheaper than the market average, and more than 5% cheaper than its nearest rival, claimed DeNunzio, who said this was all thanks to EDLP. And he claimed the strategy had led directly to a 12.9% jump in the number of primary shoppers coming to Asda. These shoppers were also becoming more loyal and spending more, he said. DeNunzio claimed Asda was on track to "hit or beat" its sales and profit targets for the second year. He also said Wal-Mart was sorting out its problems in Germany. DeNunzio told delegates the formula for growth in Europe was a continued focus on flexible formats, unbeatable ranging, "legendary" service and, of course, EDLP. These "customer facing strategies" were underpinned by four enablers: global brands, global sourcing, people and best practice. As far as global sourcing was concerned, DeNunzio said a review of European own label was under way across a wide range of products, with 12% savings achieved so far. Wal-Mart was also achieving savings of up to 40% on general merchandise. And it was getting better deals on multinational brands. {{NEWS }}