ABSOLUTE MAYHEM' "The supermarkets have been putting in colossal orders, and we've been trying to meet them." Peter Scott, chief executive, British Meat Federation. "We sympathise greatly with the businesses who have to meet the cost of fuel which is excessively high, but we believe it is now important that we do not disrupt the normal business life any further." Lawrie Dewar (pictured) chief executive, Scottish Grocers' Federation. "All our 440 instore bakeries are working round the clock producing our mainstream fresh bread lines." Robin Whitbread, director of retail, Sainsbury. "There were scenes of absolute mayhem at our Stockport depot as customers almost came to blows over bread." Steve Parfett, md, Parfett Cash & Carry. "There's been a shift in our business. Our c-stores have been terrifically busy because people have economised with their cars to shop locally." David Short, United Norwest Co-op. "If any customers have empty vehicles going past or close, we're doing what we can to backload." Steve Duncan, marketing director, Fort James. "This fuel crisis could lead to suffering and even the unnecessary deaths of millions of animals." Fred Duncan, chairman, Grampian Country Food Group. {{NEWS }}