March showed improved news stand magazine sales, according to the latest Monthly Monitor from distributor Seymour. The report says that March ­ along with February ­ recorded as a four-week month by WH Smith News and Menzies Distribution, saw an rsv of more than £130m, compared with recent four-week months of £124m. One-shots, partworks, stickers and collectables performed particularly well. Other strong sectors were motoring & motorcycling and music, which were up 11% and 10% respectively year-on-year in terms of news stand retail sales value. Seymour says there also appears to be the start of a recovery in progress in terms of copy sales, with copy sales for regular frequency up 4.7% on the previous three months, although still down 2.4% year on year. In terms of retail outlet, all the supermarkets continue to show a climb in market share, with Tesco gaining the largest with 9.8% (up 0.5% year-on-year), giving it an estimated national news stand rsv of £13.5m ahead of Sainsbury (up 0.2%) with 5.2%, and Asda with 4% (up .04%). Independents claimed a 36.2% market share, down 2.3% on last year. {{CTN }}