Newsagents are up in arms over News International’s plans to move the News of the World’s Fabulous magazine into the Saturday issue of the Sun.

News International announced the move yesterday, but newsagents were fuming that they would receive no extra money for delivering a heavier paper.

“The move will significantly increase the weight of the Saturday Sun and impact on the cost of home news delivery as retailers will need to increase their delivery resources to cope with the additional weight,” said National Federation of Retail Newsagents national president Kieran McDonnell.

Retailers have also told the NFRN that they will not deliver the magazine, and will instead ask customers to collect it from their stores.

“While, for legal reasons, this is not something that the NFRN can condone, we will not condemn it either since one can argue that it is either fair or right to expect newsagents to incur extra delivery costs without payment.” McDonnell added.

“The message to News International, and any other publisher considering similar action, is ‘No Pay, No Play!’ If that means that advertisers start getting twitchy about investing in Fabulous Magazine, which may or may not reach readers, then so be it.”