A new report into the news wholesaling industry provides further evidence that the market unfairly discriminates against retailers, the Association of News Retailing has claimed.
The report, commissioned by the ANR and produced by National Economic Research Associates, has been submitted to the OFT.
ANR MD John Lennon said: “The report confirmed our concerns that the marketplace is characterised by economic inefficiencies and abuses that prevent retailers offering an effective and beneficial service.”
The report is intended to contribute to the OFT’s ongoing investigation into newstrade wholesalers’ exclusive territories. It is expected to publish its findings shortly.
Lennon rejected claims by the Periodical Publishers’ Association that scrapping wholesalers’ exclusive monopoly on territories would put 20,000 retailers out of business.
The PPA, which has had a series of meetings with the Rural Shops Alliance, said opening up the market could sideline smaller retailers.