A four-year deal has been drawn up to further strengthen relations between online delivered wholesaler Blueheath and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents. The deal gives the NFRN the opportunity to earn equity in Blueheath every time one of its members places an order with the wholesaler. The greater volume of business put through Blueheath, the more shares the federation will gain. The NFRN has already made Blueheath its preferred wholesaler with around 2,000 members signed up, and chief executive Roger Clarke said the new deal is reinforcing the already strong relationship: "It's an important development which recognises the mutual benefits." Blueheath ceo Douglas Gurr said: "Every time a federation member orders through us, they're helping to build the federation's stake in the business. We wanted to reward NFRN members for their loyalty and ensure they share in the company's success." Clarke added it was up to members to choose to use the wholesaler: "Our members make their own commercial decisions, but we think Blueheath is the most exciting opportunity on offer." Blueheath is free to use and gives small independent retailers a computer to order stock online which is then delivered direct to their door weekly. The range on offer has recently expanded to include fresh fruit and vegetables. At the moment the company delivers across the South, North and Midlands, but intends to roll out across the entire UK early next year. {{NEWS }}