The London 2012 Olympics could leave a lasting legacy of nighttime deliveries if retailers win a battle to lift curfews during the Games.

Freight vehicles will be banned from stopping on key roads and restricted from making certain turns between 6am and midnight during the Games.

Under current planning rules, retailers are prohibited from delivering at night, but because of the restrictions, they will apply to be able make deliveries on the restricted Olympic Route Network between midnight and 6am. The Games marked a major opportunity to get the restrictions lifted permanently, said FTA London policy head Natalie Chapman. "There's a presumption in planning to say you can't deliver at night and the planning authorities will automatically slap a nighttime delivery restriction on new stores," she said. "A restriction may have been put on 20 years ago and not be applicable any more."

New technology such as white noise reversing beepers and quiet refrigeration could keep noise levels down, she added. "The Olympics is a sprint but we hope people are in it for the marathon and ask what they can do beyond the Games to keep delivering at night. There are real ­benefits in doing so."