Simon Mowbray Golden Wonder is pumping #1m behind Nik Naks in a sponsorship tie-up with award winning TV series The Osbournes. The agreement, the biggest of its kind for any Golden Wonder brand, will see Nik Naks heading commercial breaks when the show hits Channel 4 next month. Mini commercials will feature spoof scenarios based on the documentary about eccentric rock star Ozzy Osbourne and his family, with the strapline The Osbournes flavoured by Nik Naks'. Set to be screened on Wednesday and Friday nights, The Osbournes promises to be a big hit with viewers following a successful run on MTV. Golden Wonder md Kirsty Taylor said the tie-up signalled the company's "clear intent" to invest heavily behind its brands. The deal comes as Golden Wonder begins a new life following its buy out by Longulf and the selling off of the Wotsits brand to its biggest rival, Walkers. Golden Wonder is also investing in the return of Scampi N' Lemon flavoured Nik Naks following a cunning PR campaign which got wide coverage, including on national radio. The company claimed thousands of consumers had asked for the flavour's return. Taylor added: "You can't ignore public opinion. The number of people who have an insatiable appetite for the flavour has overwhelmed us." {{MARKETING }}