Cause-related marketing promotions, such as Cadbury’s Get Active - Free Sports Kit 4 Schools, have been given the thumbs-up by parents in a survey by brand agency Dragon.

Cadbury’s campaign, which gave away sports equipment for the redemption of on-pack tokens, was heavily criticised by bodies such as the Food Commission and the Consumers’ Association for encouraging children to guzzle chocolate.

However, Dragon’s online survey of over 600 parents with children aged under 12 found such promotions were acceptable.

When asked to judge the appropriateness of cause-related marketing, such as ‘books for schools with crisps’ or ‘vouchers for sports equipment with chocolate bars’, 33.6% said they were appropriate and 14.5% very appropriate.

Only 19.6% of parents thought these marketing tactics were inappropriate, while only 15.8% of those surveyed said they felt commercially sponsored educational initiatives were inappropriate.