More than 1,200 tonnes were sold into intervention by UK manufacturers during the last reporting period. Declared prices are running at 86.2% ­ nearly 8% below the 92% threshold at which CAP buying is a market option. Intervention is no longer the only option for traders ­ Private Storage Aid is now available again. It is one marker of long- term confidence in the butter market for the rest of the year: with just 94 tonnes being cleared out of last year's scheme, UK traders will see a degree of transparency. Belgium and Holland, on the other hand, show a blurred picture due to large overhanging stocks (5,022t and 6,751t respectively) from last year's scheme. This will effectively mask new stocks arriving in public storage over the next few weeks, concealing the true picture. Intervention trading has been strong in Ireland, where 2,361t have been sold into storage. Total intervention tonnages for the EU come to 7,641t for the last reporting period. {{PROVISIONS }}