Sir; re the letter last week from G Monaghan, which referred to the caffeine content of RAC 124 as "exceeding the EU limit". RAC 124 was formulated to provide a convenient delivery of 124mg of caffeine, equivalent to that contained in two cups of coffee. This is in line with government advice on how to avoid driving while feeling tired. I would like to correct Mr Monaghan in that within the UK there is no maximum recommended limit for the caffeine content of soft drinks, and there is no Europe-wide EU legislation. RAC 124 complies with all United Kingdom legislation and guidelines. Additionally, RAC 124 follows BSDA (British Soft Drinks Association) and FAC (Food Advisory Committee) recommendations for drinks that contain more than 125mg per litre. We have voluntarily included information on the can with advice to consumers about the drink's high caffeine content and the unsuitability of the drink for children and other caffeine-sensitive people. The packaging of RAC 124 clearly states that drivers should only drink one can of the product per day as part of a driver Stay Alert programme. Andy Mitchell Director of retail marketing RAC {{LETTERS }}