No Thank EU! After plain packs win Forest takes aim at Europe

The EU plans to ban 10-packs and smal RYO packs

The campaign group that helped convince the UK government to kick its plans for plain packaging of tobacco into the long grass has now turned its attention to fighting the EU Tobacco Control Directive.

Forest is following up its Hands Off Our Packs! campaign with No, Thank EU, which is calling on retailers and consumers to lobby MEPs about their opposition to the directive.

In its current form, the directive would ban sales of 10-packs of cigarettes, the most popular sizes of roll-your-own tobacco packs, slims and flavoured cigarettes such as menthols.

The directive, which also insists on graphic health warnings to cover 75% of the front and back of packs along with text warnings covering 50% of each side, is scheduled for a full vote at the European Parliament on 10 September and if approved, is set to become law in 2016.

“British retailers will suffer as a direct result of these EU regulations,” warned Forest campaigner Angela Harbutt.

“Consumers will have little choice but to seek out the prohibited products on the black market. Good news for organised crime, bad news for legitimate business.”