Our team of shoppers was asked to trawl the non alcoholic drinks aisles this week to check out how well merchandised they were, and what the specials were on the 10 items we selected. Only two deals were noticeable and these were twin-packs of own label lemonade priced at 99p at Morrisons, which were the only ones available, and both Sainsbury stores were offering 75cl bottles of Aqua Libra on bogof. Out of stocks were limited to just two chains, Tesco having two of them by not stocking Aqua Libra and running out of Evian still mineral water, while Morrisons had no 500g tins of Cadbury's drinking chocolate, only 250g at £1.05 and 750g on offer at £2.89. Safeway and Somerfield were pricier than the other chains, both having high prices on Diet Coke and Pepsi, while Somerfield had the dearest Tetley teabags and Safeway the dearest Cadbury's drinking chocolate, orange juice and Red Bull. In addition to checking in a full basket of our regular 33 items, Asda came up trumps with the cheapest full basket of 10 non alcoholic beverages. The bill at its new Eastlands store came to £10.94, its nearest rivals being the Sainsbury branches at £11.20 and £11.21 respectively. {{GROCER 33 }}