Figures exclusively compiled for The Grocer reveal that St Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the start of the school year are key seasons for core non-food categories after Christmas.
Data for 2004 provided by IRI shows sales of greetings cards and wrapping rose to £10.4m in the week before Mother’s Day from a low of £3.6m the week after Easter. Stationery sales climbed to £4.35m in the week ending September 4, during retailers’ back-to-school period.
Sales of videos and DVDs peaked most around Easter, while CD sales hit a high in the week before Mother’s Day.
Retailers’ opinions differed regarding the most lucrative seasons for non-food sales. Asda claimed Hallowe’en was second only to Christmas for seasonal non-food sales, while Tesco said it had seen massive growth in back-to-school.
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