I have no axe to grind for or against organic, or for or against genetically modified foods. However, I am sceptically cautious when urged to "take action" over certain matters ('Take action over government organic threat,' Letters, The Grocer, 7 October, p34).

Hopefully, your readers are by now alert to the fact that any comments about GM emanating from, or connected with, the Soil Association are tainted with commercial vested interest - the old, old story of 'knock the competitor'.

Andrew Shupick of Grove Fresh tell readers to "visit the Soil Association website to read the full contents of the consultation".

The prominent article there consists entirely of the Soil Association's spin-doctored remarks about the consultation. The consultation itself is not there (except by a link to the Defra website in one of the footnotes).

Anyone who wants to study the Defra consultation should visit the Defra website itself.