Sir; So Stephen Byers has rejected the major multiples' proposed code of practice, preferring to serve up something from scratch. Fair enough. But I hope the OFT lawyers do finally listen to the trade before they complete a legally binding code. There have been too many examples in recent years where the powers that be have inflicted legislation on our industry without assessing all the special points that influence the workings of the grocery business. The IGD, as facilitator, has done a great job in bringing the major chains to the table to agree the framework of a code, so it would be a pity if that work was dumped. Mind you, it's also important that the legal eagles of the OFT take into account the views of manufacturers, large and small. There's been a lot of talk about level playing fields. Without the suppliers there's a danger that the whole idea could just favour the big multiples and that would be a great pity. Indeed, it would reduce the whole thing to the level of a Whitehall farce J Simmons Southampton {{LETTERS }}