A functional food company set up by two former Glaxo- SmithKline marketers has been launched on the Alternative Investment Market.
The brainchild of former GSK marketers Stephen Moon and Fiona Vigar, Nutrinnovator was set up last year to cash in on growth in the wellbeing and functional food market with products containing no refined sugars or hydrogenated fats. The company’s first offering - a range of savoury cereal bars under the Altú brand - has secured listings in several
retailers including Sainsbury and Waitrose. Its second, a low sugar cola drink called Altú Black, will be test launched in August, followed by a sports drink called Altú Active and a fruit flavoured drink called Altú Amber, said the company.
The AIM listing has raised £1.4m, which will be invested in new functional food products delivering dosages of medicines, and breaking into the US.