All eyes are on Ofcom today, with the broadcasting watchdog expected to announce its ruling on the restrictions of food and drink advertising to children.

The industry has been waiting for a decision from Ofcom for weeks, following its consultation into the issue earlier this year.

The watchdog has proposed three options, with the first option thought to be the front runner.

This proposes banning the advertising of foods high in fat, sugar and salt during programmes specifically made for children; specifically made for pre-school children; of particular appeal to children up to nine years old. It would also not allow sponsorship of these programmes by HFSS products.

Option two is the same as option one, although there would be restrictions on every type of food and drink. Option three would see no food and drink advertising at all on pre-school children's programmes and a limit to the amount of advertising when children are most likely to be watching. will send you details of the ruling as soon as it is announced.