Retailers and freight operators say proposals to ban lorries from roads in Gloucestershire at off-peak times are "ridiculous".

Gloucestershire County Council has put forward proposals to reduce the impact of lorries. Among them are plans to introduce restrictions between 9pm and 5am in some locations.

The Freight Transport Association's Stephen Kelly said that any ban would have a "catastrophic" effect. "Operators will have to re-route vehicles, which will undoubtedly lead to increased costs.

"More importantly, the people of Gloucestershire will suffer when they find shops and stores empty." Richard Dodd, head of media and campaigns at the BRC, added: "It is crazy to force lorries to drive on congested roads at busy times."

Council member Stan Waddington said: "We aren't out to get lorry drivers. We want to work with them to find appropriate roads to allow them to do their jobs in a safe and environmentally friendly way."