The deadline has passed for interested parties to submit evidence of malpractice or any other breaches of the supermarket code of conduct to the Office of Fair Trading.

Although in March the OFT said that supermarkets were working to the code, it gave interested parties until last night to supply further evidence.

However, few parties submitted evidence to the OFT, claiming that there is nothing further to submit.

Despite this, the Association of Convenience Stores submitted further evidence before last night’s deadline.

The group’s submission included an independently commissioned report assessing the growing barriers to entry in neighbourhood shopping, evidence of the “aggressive pricing strategy of supermarkets” and information on the growing consumer concern about the decline in small shops.

ACS chief executive David Rae said: “Our evidence shows up the shortcomings of the OFT’s current understanding of the UK grocery market and the need to look again at how people shop and the nature of competition in the grocery market.

“It also calls for action to prevent below cost selling, price flexing and predatory acquisition policies that threaten the viability of the independent retailing sector.”