Ed Bedington
The acceptance of farmers has paved the way for the establishment of a new red meat promotional body in Wales.
The Farmers Union of Wales has accepted the framework for the new organisation and said it represented the way forward for the industry.
The final plans for the organisation, first unveiled last January, have now been discussed by the union's 12 county branches and the framework endorsed.
The FUW now wants to see the next phase to develop the body proceed quickly. President Bob Parry said: "The branches highlighted the need to ensure the required steps are taken as a matter of urgency to enable the company to become fully operational from April 2003."
Meanwhile, the union warned the government could soon face a backlash from angry farmers over the restrictions to livestock movement following foot and mouth.
The FUW is calling for the abolition of the 20-day standstill rule which calls for a 20-day isolation of any new stock to a farm. Last week saw a group of farmers from the Brecon area burn their 20-day forms in protest outside Wales' National Assembly building in Cardiff and the FUW said that is only the beginning.
Alex Gardner, chairman of the union's livestock committee, said: "We only have the one aim ­ to get rid of this unworkable rule as quickly as possible."