Jamie Oliver's new TV show, Jamie's Return to School Dinners, which aired on Channel 4 last night, has received warm reviews from newspaper TV critics.

In the Guardian, Nancy Banks-Smith said: “Jamie Oliver is such a contemporary hero that the new Robin Hood (“a bit of a geezer”) will be based on him.”

The Independent's Brian Viner wrote: “Jamie asked why junk food simply couldn't be banned from schools. Because that would be a civil liberties issue, said the Secretary of State [for Education, Alan Johnson]. Jamie persisted: if marijuana's banned from schools, why not junk food? Bravo again.”

The Telegraph's James Walton decided the show was “less huge” on the entertainment factor than the TV series that preceded it. Jamie's School Dinners. But he added: “Even so, this only goes to show how much Jamie means it.”

But Joe Joseph in The Times was less complimentary: “Ok, so could someone now please find the On/Off switch for Jamie Oliver? Or at least the volume control? He has turned into the Bob Geldof of children's food.”