Jameson breaks out of the mould… Guylian focuses on sea theme… WKD shows its wild side… Ambi puR captures elusive smells…

Budget part of a £3.5m spend Manufacturer Jameson Whiskey

On air from December, new TV advertising for Irish whiskey label Jameson shows various characters breaking out of their stereotypical roles, such as a man dressed as a member of a rock band playing the harp.
Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Guylian

Guylian has turned the spotlight on its Seashells, Seashell Bar and its latest line, Twists, in a new TV ad campaign hitting screens next month. Three versions of its 20-second TV ad feature the Guylian seahorses emerging from Belgian chocolate.
Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Beverage Brands

Aimed at its key target audience of 18 to 30-year-old men, new TV advertising for WKD continues its campaign focus on a series of everyday characters who want to show their ‘WKD side’ - with hilarious consequences.
Budget £1.8m Manufacturer Sara Lee

New TV advertising for Ambi Pur features the ‘Smell Catcher’, an enchanting animated character who flits around from place to place seeking to capture the most evocative real life smells that most of us take for granted.



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