Nascent personal care company EMVI plans to relaunch Once and Precision Styling with new products and the brands' first advertising support in more than a decade. EMVI acquired the brands for an undisclosed sum at the end of last year from Henkel Schwarzkopf following its acquisition of Harmony Hairspray from Unilever in October 1998. The relaunches will take place in six months' time with advertising support beginning before the end of the year. EMVI chief executive Mike Jatania said it will concentrate on regaining distribution for the brands and driving them into multiples. Distribution will be handled by Jemks Sales Brokers. EMVI is seeking to capitalise on the globalisation trend that has seen major multinationals scythe through their portfolios, turfing out minor brands to concentrate on international or "star" brands. The company is putting together a portfolio of personal care, toiletries and household products with the aim of achieving £250m a year turnover within five years. Once was the original two in one shampoo and conditioner, launched in the '70s. Precision Styling is a value for money styling range sold mainly through independents. {{P&P }}