Most shoppers buy fizzy drinks but many of them are wary about giving them to their children. In fact, although 92.9% admit they buy bottles of pop - usually about once a week - 84.7% drink them themselves, while only 39.8% say their kids drink them. And they're particularly strict about what goes in their offsprings' lunchboxes as only 2% of these drinks are carbonated.

Sugar content is the biggest consideration when buying fizzy drinks, particularly for kids, according to our research, but brand, followed by flavour, is still by far the most important factor for shoppers. Cola is the most popular fizzy drink (72.4%) followed by lemonade (57.1%), and Coca-Cola reigns supreme as the number one brand.

Shoppers seem to have a love-hate relationship with fizzy drinks. Although 78.6% reckon they are full of sugar and realise they should be careful of how much they drink, 68.4% admit they really like fizzy drinks and have been drinking them for ages.