HH Gaming has said it will bring forward the retail launch of its new online lottery game from September to May as a result of demand from retailers. Chief executive Simon Stimpson said that calls from interested retailers flooded in after the first draw of the Lucky 7 Lotto game last Friday.
“We received more than 50 calls from independent retailers who wanted to find out how they could obtain the game in their stores,” he said. Retailers who install new gaming equipment would receive the same amount of sales commission as they would from the National Lottery, he added.
The main selling point of the new game is that 20% of the £1 ticket price will go to one named charity that will change each week, while 50% of each £1 ticket price will be returned as prize money.
Stimpson said: “With this game people can see exactly where their money is going. The retailers I have spoken to told me they thought that National Lottery sales had fallen either because it was unclear where the money was going or because it was being given to unpopular causes.”
Charities already signed up include Children in Crisis, Breast Cancer Campaign and The Variety Club Children’s Charity.