The multiples are getting their act together when it comes to their online services, according to research by The Grocer. But fulfilment of orders is still causing shoppers headaches. For the past year, we have been monitoring the online services of Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tesco and Iceland. Our mystery shoppers ­ who attempt to buy The Grocer 33 online ­ report that the sites are becoming easier to access and navigate. But the overall experience remains frustrating as the services continue to be dogged by out of stocks, errors when the groceries arrive and inconvenient delivery slots. has consistently outperformed the competition in terms of speed of access, ease of ordering, availability and reliable delivery. Yet in our latest shop at Easter, it was forced to offer substitutes for basic items such as own label baked beans and cheddar cheese. Waitrose@Work also performed well. But again, our shopper found substitutions and an error on the receipt. Everything went smoothly with Sainsbury's service right up to delivery when our shopper was offered the wrong goods and a bill for £250. The only service to be slammed this Easter was Asda@tHome ­ which proved an absolute nightmare for our first time online shopper. Verdict Research's Sally Bain said: "The multiples have made huge strides to improve these services at the front end, but there is a long long way to go on fulfilment." l For full details see page 26 {{NEWS }}