Animal rights activists have called on the government to make room for animal welfare during Britain’s EU Presidency.
The RSPCA has published a ten-point manifesto, which calls on ministers to address animal welfare issues. Demands include adoption of good welfare standards for broiler chickens and a phasing out of EU export refunds for live cattle, which lobbyists claim encourages live transport outside Europe.
“The government has a big opportunity to drive forward legislation to bring real improvements to the welfare of animals during its Presidency,” said RSPCA director general Jackie Ballard.
“Animal welfare is an issue across Europe - indeed it is the issue that British Members of the European Parliament get the most letters and e-mails about.
“In 1998, when the UK last held the Presidency, it achieved progress in three important areas - a driftnet ban, an agreement on new standards for EU zoos and basic welfare standards for all farm animals.”