Former Irish Dairy Board chief executive Sir Anthony O'Reilly has warned primary producers that the only way they can interact with government, Brussels regulators and the increasing power of supermarkets and manufacturers is through the "innovativeness and imagination" which led the board to launch the Kerrygold butter brand into the UK four decades ago. Speaking at a London launch to celebrate Kerrygold's 40th anniversary in Britain, Sir Anthony, who is also a former worldwide president of Heinz, said: "Agriculture in Ireland is no longer a way of life. It is a rational response to a changing economic environment. "If Ireland cannot brand and identify and seek superior returns by investing abroad, then children of future generations will leave agriculture in increasing numbers to find their economic nirvana in computers, in the internet and in other enterprises which reward their human capital and intelligence with much greater effect." The UK has become Ireland's largest overseas market for dairy products. {{NEWS }}