Defra is aiming to sponsor a major promotional event this autumn to unite consumer interest in organic food and sustainable regionally and locally sourced products.
In the report Organic Action Plan - Two Years On, it said it wanted to meet regional organisations to boost sales of locally sourced organics.
The study shows UK organic food production is growing and is set to reach Defra’s July 2002 targets of 70% of total organic supply by 2010.
Defra said UK supply of the organic market in this country was up from 30% in 2002 to 44% now.
In the foreword, Defra secretary of state Margaret Beckett said it aimed to launch a scheme to finance organic production, which would add to existing funding, by 2005.
NFU organic spokesman Peter Hall said: “We need to ensure sustainable food procurement delivers increased purchasing of organic food, that producers capitalise on the strengths of local organic supply and that we make sure organic food is a viable choice for all consumers.”