one to watch Consumers' personal concerns over the food they eat has sparked a rise in sales of organic food for pets. Pero Foods claims this sector may only account for 2% of the total petfood market, but that its future does look rosy. Pero's organic sales rose by 20% last year, partly because of the foot and mouth outbreak, other food scares and concern over GM ingredients. Its organic cat and dogfood sales are mainly through the multiples. One chain that has made moves into this sector is Sainsbury which claims to have been the first to introduce an own label organic range ­ three products for dogs, and two for cats. These were launched in July, and Sainsbury says sales are in line with expectations with all generating new sales ­ 15 alutrays of dogfood and 13 alutrays of catfood a week in 450 stores. Pascoe's says that last year sales of its organic dogfood increased by 50%. The growth was spurred by the wacky cartoon packaging which gave it a strong shelf standout. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}