Sir; In response to the letter from Angela Lea in The Grocer, September 30, about the cost of organic food, I would like to point out the following. Organic food is more expensive than mass produced, conventionally grown food for a number of reasons. First, it is more labour intensive. Second, organic farms do not receive subsidies like conventional farms because some crops produce lower yields and because organic accounts for a tiny portion of UK food sales, which means that distribution networks are fragmented and more expensive. The primary reason that organic is more expensive, however, is simply because it is quality food. Organic is not expensive when compared to other quality foods. We are happy to pay more for quality clothing, car and accessories, but baulk at paying more for quality food. Organic only appears expensive because we compare it with the cheap, mass produced food that we are accustomed to buying and eating. We are not comparing like with like. As the organic market expands, prices will come down to reflect different economies of scale. However, there will and should always be a price differential to reflect the quality difference between organic and conventional products. There is no such thing as good cheap food. Renée Elliott Co-founder Planet Organic London {{LETTERS }}