Organic food sales in the UK are set to increase by 69% to £2.7bn by 2010, a report has predicted.

The report, by Datamonitor, suggests that the organic food market in the UK was worth £1.6bn in 2005.

It found that three out of four people in the UK had tried eating more healthily in the past year, fuelling the growth of organic food.

Daniel Bone, consumer markets analyst at Datamonitor, said: “Concerns over food safety, health and perceived superior taste are the core motivations for buying organics.”

He added: “Environmental and health concerns obviously influence consumers but buying organic is not typically an altruistic act.”

The report also found that the largest organic food market in Europe was Germany, valued at £3.5bn in 2005. The biggest growth was in Spain where the market was estimated to have increased by 165% in the past five years.