Organic company Free Natural is launching a new range of organic energy' products which it claims effectively creates a new category. There are four products in the range. The Organic Energy drink is available in Citrus or Tropical flavours and comes in the ubiquitous silver 250ml can typical of most energy drinks on the market (rsp: 99p). However, unlike other energy drinks Organic Energy is, as the name suggests, organic, and contains ginseng, guarana and ginkgo but not caffeine. On pack the drink positions itself as: If you're looking for energy without the e-numbers this is the drink for you.' The Organic Energy bars ­ in orange or peanut variants ­ also come wrapped in a silver foil type packaging. (Rsp: 49p for 30g). The range launches exclusively through Sainsbury's on May 6 and will be rolled out to other multiples from July. The product portfolio for Free Natural ­ which has been around since 1986 ­ includes Organic Liquorice and Organic Mixed Drinks. {{MARKETING - P&P }}