The Soil Association says it is "hugely disappointed" that the Advertising Standards Authority has decided to uphold complaints against the leaflet Five Reasons to Eat Organic' after an independent review. "We're very disappointed," said a spokeswoman for the association, which lodged an appeal against a July ruling in which four out of five complaints were upheld. The ASA argues there is a "lack of rigorous evidence" to support claims that organic food tastes different to conventionally produced food, that it is better for the environment and human health and that organic farming methods make for happier and healthier animals. In statement this week the ASA council said: "Further evidence submitted by the association to support these claims did nothing to warrant a change in the adjudication." But the association insists it provided "sufficient evidence organic farming is better for the environment". "The independent report we submitted to support our appeal was endorsed by a number of significant bodies. "As for animal welfare, no other industry monitors its own production to such high standards as the organic farming industry. We have inspectors, a whole auditing trail. To say there's no evidence is ridiculous. "We won't drop the environment line; we'll just have to word our promotions in a slightly more ambiguous way." The MORI poll supplied to the ASA revealing 43% of consumers said they preferred organic food because it "tasted better" was a valid piece of evidence given taste is "clearly a subjective issue anyway", she added. {{NEWS }}