Baby food producer Organix is demanding the Food Standards Agency investigates levels of pesticides in organic certified foods. Soil Association licensed Organix claims its independent research shows low levels of pesticide residues are present in 16% of ingredients which come into the UK labelled organic'. Organix founder Lizzie Vann said: "Not all organic certifiers are as careful as the Soil Association. We want to be able to source ingredients with confidence they are 100% organic." The company withdrew a batch of baby food from sale in February when organic' oats from Finland were found to contain very low levels of pesticide residues. A child would have to consume 17kg in one sitting to have suffered as a result of the pesticide content. But Vann said: "I was not prepared to sell something potentially non-organic that had slipped through the net." The company has passed findings of a six-month independent investigation to the Soil Association, Trading Standards and DEFRA. The Soil Association is lobbying for one body to take over regulating imported organic ingredients. It said it will step up its organic standards to require enforced testing of ingredients. The association is due to publish full new organic guidelines in September. {{NEWS }}