Such has been the success of the newly formed RB Organic company that from September it will operate from dedicated facilities at Yaxley, consolidating the range grown by its associate Solanum, Rustler Produce and Isleham Fresh Produce which account for more than 1,000 acres. Richard Isaacs, RBO sales manager, estimates that the market is now worth £450m and predicted to grow at 40% year on year for the next five years. "RBO's customers include Sainsbury and Waitrose who collectively stock more than 1,400 lines and between them share 38% of the market." Direct Andrew Burgess adds that many food producers are now developing their own organic brands and for the first time this season it will be supplying a complete range of root vegetables ­ potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swedes, leeks and onions ­ to ready meal producers. He adds that apart from increasing in line with market growth, it aims to double capacity in the next two years and is hoping to form additional partnerships and joint venture programmes. Increased scale is also seen as a way of reducing costs, bringing better returns to customers and suppliers. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}