A saucy new confectionery range is using Kama Sutra-style graphics on-pack to promote the link between sex and chocolate.
Orgasmic Chocolates claims its added herbs will help boost libido, and marketing material says the products promote a feeling of euphoria and well-being. It adds: ‘The combination of herbs includes cinnamon bark to warm the lower extremities… and radix ginseng to increase stamina and recovery.”
The racy launch raises questions about who is
responsible for potentially offensive food packaging or product names. There is no food equivalent of the drinks industry’s Portman Group Code of Practice, which regulates the naming, packaging and below-the-line promotion of alcoholic products. Instead, Trading Standards suggests anyone offended by food packaging should complain to the company or the police.
However, a spokesman for Orgasmic Chocolates said it had not had complaints from any retailers or consumers: “We’re not worried that it will cause offence because we’re not being blatant - we’re saying it makes you feel good.”