Leaving no stone unturned in its relentless reporting on food issues, The Grocer headed for the edge of the British Isles, to Orkney, to check out Scottish aquaculture. Kirkwall, the capital, is a smart town with a new sports centre complex, so it was no surprise to see a shiny Safeway on the outskirts. On a dark November evening, with a misty rain moving in, the staff were indulging in jolly Carlos-style instore theatre, with checkout staff in colourful costume. And not surprisingly, in view of what is on at a cinema near you, magic and sorcery were the theme. What more appropriate magical tale to be dressing up to than...er...the Wizard of Oz? Anyway, the fine Tin Man serving behind the cigarettes counter wasn't the least bit embarrassed at being out of tune with the times. Harry Potter (and Gandalf for that matter) eat your heart out. {{COUNTERPOINT }}