No, not the one Prince Charles attended in Leicester Square, but a special evening for distinguished hacks in the Haymarket. Sadly, despite consuming gallons of an excellent new Pernod Rouge cocktail, the in-your-face, sound blasting view of 20th century Paris society was not to his taste. He returned to the office on Tuesday muttering something about the "screenplay was obviously written by a chimpanzee, Ewan McGregor can't sing, but at least the popcorn was good". Biggest mystery of the night, however, was the sight of two hefty guys dressed as Moulin Rouge can-can girls seated in the front row of the stalls. The publicist for Pernod, the firm that arranged the evening, was still trying to track down their identity as we went to press. While our editor was swanning off to the bright lights of London, his deputy was seeing lights of a different kind. Blackpool Lights to be exact (southerners know them as The Illuminations'). He was pleased to see the event, which draws in millions of people, was being sponsored by Holland's Pies ­ the country's oldest pie maker. Our dep ed has a soft spot for the Holland's brand ­ having been brought up in the area where they have been made for the past 150 years. And, yes, as the chant puts it, he really did eat all the pies. {{COUNTERPOINT }}